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Daisy is an enthusiastic, confident and hardworking prosthetic artist.

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Specialist Hair and Media Makeup and a master's degree in Prosthetic Effects, Daisy has thorough knowledge and experience in prosthetic processes.

Her skill range includes but is not limited to sculpting, mould making, casting, finishing and painting, hair work (including punching, flocking and postiche), and prosthetic application. Daisy has also recently gotten into the more digital side of prosthetic making, such as using ZBrush software and 3D printing. (See gallery for examples of previous work).

Although prosthetic makeup and props are where Daisy's passion lies, she also has proficient skills in editorial, runway and occasion makeup, as well as basic haircutting and barbering and wig blocking and styling skills, all of which she gained through her undergraduate degree (See gallery for examples of previous work).

Daisy is currently based in the West Midlands; however, being a fully insured driver with a car, she can travel anywhere in the UK.

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